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What you will find on my website:


My Oracle Card readings can guide you on your spiritual journey and help you on your day to day life.


My mentoring sessions are guided journeys to help you obtain the spiritual life you wish to acheive.


Our REIKI I, II and III courses will allow you to be certified and become a REIKI practicioner yourself.


Week after week I offer my informative blog that will help you learn more about what you think you already know.


Browse the books that I have written as well as my husband Steve Hodgson and purchase books online.

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My Books

Books I have written as well as my husband Steven.

Jenn & Steve Hodgson


Check out the books from authors Jenn Hodgson & Steve Hodgson

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Jenn Hodgson


The Ups, Downs and AHA! Moments of Your Journey: Connecting the Spirit, Mind and Body

The Book - The Ups and Downs & AHA Moments Of Your Journey

Steve Hodgson


The Paranormal - Not As Seen On TV

The Book - The Paranormal - Not As Seen on TV
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